How do you define The Lone Bellow? How do you pin down the intensity, urgency, and spot-on harmonies? How do you neatly categorize the emotional honesty, song-crafting, and musicianship forged and formed in the musical foundries of Brooklyn and Nashville: Rock? Country? Folk? Revival? Blues? Bluegrass? Spiritual? Maybe the best answer is not to define the hard-driving Time's Always Leaving, the raucous Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold, or the searing Then Came the Morning but to describe how the songs tear through you and awaken the joy, longing, and spirit within you. We are glad to welcome The Lone Bellow to our Main Stage.

Our teen reviewer says:

I'm excited to see modern-day folk band, The Lone Bellow, on the Main Stage. I have always appreciated folk music as a genre and with this band, the passion of each song just speaks to me so clearly. Might I add that the three-part harmonies in their music are some of the best I have heard. Each emotion is just so raw, and when they combine together, it feels unreal. All and all, The Lone Bellow is a band that certifies a rush of energy to keep the festival in motion.