Help us reach our goal of Zero Waste

We want to help keep New York’s backyard clean. Our goal is for the Pleasantville Music Festival to create zero waste. Please help us! 

  • Bring a refillable water bottle or cup. Zero-waste volunteers will provide ice-cold drinking water at the Waste Collection tents, which are located throughout the festival grounds. This reduces the number of plastic bottles to dispose of.
  • Get ready to sort your waste. Our zero-waste volunteers will help you separate recyclables (plastic, glass, metal) from food scraps and other compostable materials (napkins, compostable plates and flatware). 
  • Embrace reusable containers. You’re welcome to bring your own food, but please pack it in reusable containers or recycle the containers at the Waste Collection stations. We accept plastics #1–7. Recycling helps divert more materials from the waste stream. We’ll also collecting paper/cardboard and single-use plastic bags. 

Our Waste Collection stations will be conveniently located around the grounds of the music festival. Each tent will have separate bins for recycling, compostables, and trash. Please do not mix your trash and recyclables in one bag.  

Albie Monterrosa of deSol © 2008 Lynda Shenkman Curtis

Albie Monterrosa of deSol © 2008 Lynda Shenkman Curtis

Where does the waste go?

The food scraps and other compostable materials will be turned into beautiful compost for residential or commercial use. It’ll stay out of the waste stream completely. We are partnering with a local soup kitchen and we’ll donate leftover food to them.

Plastics #1–7, glass, and aluminum will be recycled. 

We know that we will be collecting some garbage, too. Along with much of the county’s garbage, it will end up at the Westchester Wheelabrator, where it is burned and turned into energy in the form of electricity.

We’re making a difference! 
Since we began our zero-waste effort in 2012, we’ve reduced the festival’s trash by two-thirds! 

pleasantvillerecycles, and so can you

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Thank you for your help!