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Lagond Music Battle of the Bands winners SpitPhyre will be opening the day with a bang on the Party Stage. Taking inspiration from bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, these Rockland County rockers have won over crowds in New York and New Jersey with their fast-paced and punchy opuses, tight musicianship, and choruses that don’t let you go, as with Androids off their new full-length album, Sunset Skies. SEE MORE SPITPHYRE VIDEOS HERE.

1:00 color tongue

Color Tongue makes experimental music that blends glacial builds, counterpoint melodies, lyrical drumming and obscure samples for a unique sound that simmers with sweet, sour, and salt. Check out the textures, patterns and spare, introspective lyrics in Adult Lessons or the belt-sander psych-pop electronica of Sprouts (here). Join us as this inventive 4-piece out of Rye Brook, Saratoga, Huntington, and Rahway bring a multi-sensory blend to the Party Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.


Melt is what you do on a hot-sultry day to the soulful-jammy pop played a groovy-jazzy way. This 8-piece collective has roots in NYC, Dobbs Ferry and Chappaqua. Their first single, Sour Candy (here), has over 290,000 views on YouTube and hit #5 on Billboard’s Spotify Viral 50. They’ve been bringing their Herbie Hancock/Grateful Dead/Stevie Wonder inspired jams all over the east coast. Let’s welcome them to the Party Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

3:50 tales
of joy

Hitting grooves and making moves since 2016, Tales of Joy has been heating up New England and New York’s Backyard. This 5-piece out of Danbury CT creates an infectious vibe that seamlessly blends reggae roots with hints of soul, disco, funk and Latin. Check out Wonder Lady (here) and get caught up in the rhythm. They’ve played the Wormtown Music Festival, Strangecreek Campout, Sugarloaf Mt. Reggae Fest, and now the Party Stage. SEE MORE TALES OF JOY VIDEOS HERE.

5:30 micky james

If you put David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Julian Casablancas into a blender, you would get Micky James. This locally born-and-raised rocker combines high-voltage glam-pop-rock with killer songwriting and swagger. His single, Give It To Me Straight (here), is blasting up the Spotify charts, and his live shows dare you not to sweat. Micky James brings an energy you don’t often see, so remember to hydrate and catch him on the Party Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

7:10 the new respects

We dare you not to dance to Party Stage headliners The New Respects. This family band—twins Zandy and Lexi Fitzgerald, brother Darius and cousin Jasmine Mullen—create hook-filled grooves evocative of 70s and 80s pop, soul, and rock n’ roll. Their video for Before the Sun Goes Down (here) is playing in stores around the country, and they’re touring all over. Keep an eye out for The New Respects and see them on the Party Stage. SEE MORE NEW RESPECTS VIDEOS HERE.



Stages alternate all day.
When Party & Chill sets end,
Main Stage set begins.

When the Main Stage ends,
We party and chill again.


Lagond Music Battle of the Bands winners Mosa blend feel-good rock, folk, and soul. With old-school spirit, sincerity, and a clear voice reminiscent of a Susan Tedeschi, Mosa is equally at home with ballads as bluesy rock, like Mama’s Got Brand New Shoes (here). Purchase College grads Melissa Frabotta and Phil Anthony and their bandmates have played all over the Northeast, including NYC and Westchester. And now they open the Main Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.


Ever since the ‘90s, Swahoogie has brought its swampy, sweaty, hard-working rock to venues all around New York. In 2018, the band released the EP Where I Belong (title track here) and a compilation CD, Songs From the ‘Hoog. They’ve been featured on the The Peak’s 9:37 Local, with band members living in White Plains, Rye Brook, Harrison, and yes, Pleasantville. And we’re glad to have Swahoogie heating up the Main Stage. SEE MORE SWAHOOGIE VIDEOS HERE.


Where did BAILEN get such tight harmonies, dynamics, and lyricism? They were born with it. Twins David and Daniel and sister Julia Bailen were raised in NYC by concert musicians and educated on Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and the Band. Their debut album, Thrilled To Be Here, just dropped, with single, I Was Wrong (here). They played The Peak’s 15th Birthday Concert at the Capitol Theatre, and we welcome them to our Main Stage. SEE MORE HERE.

4:30 aimee mann

If the conflicted conscience that keeps you up had a voice other than yours, it would be Aimee Mann. The Oscar-nominated, Grammy-winning artist mixes the milk-smooth voice of empathy and the sharp barbed lyrics of critique. You can hear it in her soundtrack to Magnolia, featuring Save Me (here), as well as poppier songs like That’s Just What You Are and her ‘Til Tuesday hit, Voices Carry. Welcome Aimee Mann to the Main Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

6:10 soul asylum

Soul Asylum pulls at you as hard as it shoves. Their raw guitar grinds out beautiful angst, while their lyrics capture a yearning to find something better. They reached breakthrough success with 1992’s triple platinum Grave Dancers Union, featuring Grammy-winning Runaway Train (here), Black Gold, and Somebody to Shove. They’ve been a voice for Generation X, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to the Main Stage. SEE MORE SOUL ASYLUM VIDEOS HERE.


If any band proves that adversity makes you stronger, it’s our Main Stage headliner Everclear and its frontman, Art Alexakis. Listen to the lyrics on their album, Sparkle and Fade, featuring Santa Monica, and album So Much For the Afterglow, featuring I Will Buy You a New Life (here) and Father of Mine, and you get a picture of a survivor who turned challenges into platinum. We’re proud and honored to welcome Everclear to the Main Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

THE party line



Lagond Music Battle of the Bands winner Lillimure creates luxurious grooves with her lush guitar chords and comforting voice. Lilli’s songs match fast-paced, honest lyrics with folk and soul, as in Something (here). At 20, this Westchester native has already released one EP and is working on her first full-length album. She’s played the Viper Room in LA, the Bistro in SF, and Rockwood in NYC. And now she’s opening the Chill Tent Stage. LISTEN TO MORE LILLIMURE HERE.

1:00 alex

Alex Cano has been performing around the country since his teens. First as a drummer, then as a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. His latest singles, Back Against the Wall (here) and Two Steps on the Train, and soulful baritone make you feel his honest stories of resilience. Originally from South Salem, Alex takes his inspiration from alt rock, folk, and country. He’ll be touring again, supporting his new album, after playing our Chill Tent Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

2:20 e’lissa jones

Singer and multi-instrumentalist E’lissa Jones has been playing music since she was 5. With a velvety smooth voice, catchy melodies, and arrangements that span folk, rock, and country, E’lissa’s music has something for everyone. She has toured the world as a backup singer, released six albums, and won critical acclaim. Check out her guitar and violin talents in Rein Me In (here), and welcome E’lissa Jones to the Chill Tent Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

3:50 bruce t. carroll band

Bruce T. Carroll is an accomplished singer/songwriter with a whispery voice, masterful songcraft, and lyrics that speak to today’s issues, as in When Two Worlds Collide (here). This former owner of the Watercolor Cafe in Larchmont fronts The Bruce T Carroll Band, with nationally recognized Westchester musicians. They’ve played all over NYC, supporting their albums Ruckus and Romance and Finding You. Welcome them to our Chill Tent Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

5:30 dean friedman

Dean Friedman has been telling humorous, poignant stories through his music for more than 40 years. From his 1977 chart-topping hit Ariel (here), to Lucky Stars, Lydia, and more. His influence can be felt in the work of bands like Barenaked Ladies, who covered his song, McDonald’s Girl. Dean writes soundtracks for TV and film, produces radio series, and continues to tour around the world. Welcome Dean to the Chill Tent Stage and SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

7:10 matthew sweet

Matthew Sweet has been making fuzz-laden, riff-infused power pop since the ‘80s, hitting it big in 1991 with his platinum solo album, Girlfriend, featuring the title track (here) and I’ve Been Waiting. Since then, he’s been touring and releasing solo and collaboration projects (notably with Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles). Matthew Sweet will be headlining our Chill Tent Stage, playing in a duo with a special guest guitarist. SEE MORE MATTHEW SWEET VIDEOS HERE.