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Gilbert is a hard-rocking 5-piece out of northern Westchester, with a sound that's more like it's out of Monterey Pop. Check out Tara's soul-grabbing vocals and the eye-popping musicianship of Justin, Wilson, Eddie, and Owen in songs like Juicing the Swine (here). They've played the Paramount, Rockwood, and Towne Crier, all before graduating high school. It's no wonder they won their way onto the Party Stage in this year's Battle of the Bands. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

1:00 Friends at the Falls

Friends At The Falls is a tight five-piece out of Mahopac, New York, with great musicianship, well-formed songs, and killer vocals. They list the Killers, Coldplay, and Springsteen among their influences, although you might also hear shades of the Cure or Dream Academy in songs like A Heart To Save (here). When they're not sprinting up bluffs and sleeping on roofs, they're wowing crowds at Webster Hall. We can't wait to see these Friends on the Party Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

Loose Buttons

A lot's being said about Loose Buttons these days: This Lower East Side 4-piece has been described as “a blend of new wave and pop” (Billboard), “irresistibly sincere” (Consequence of Sound), and a “garage-rock-pop good time” (Vice). With rhythm-based Two Wolves (here), fuzzed-out Thrill, and twang-laden Am I The Only Reason, it's no surprise they're catching national fire. Catch Loose Buttons on the Party Stage and CHECK OUT MORE HERE.

3:50 Late Night Episode

Spend just a few seconds listening to Late Night Episode, and you can't help but get hooked. Imagine Chili-Peppers meets modern pop, filtered through New York rowdy rock. This 4-piece out of Scarsdale, New York, by way of the East Village has great musicianship, hook-laden songs like Golden Age (here), full-tilt production, and on-stage charisma. Keep an eye on Late Night Episode, and welcome these up and comers to the Party Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.


Juice is an 8-man powerhouse out of Boston College with roots in Westchester. This multi-faceted group blends rock, R&B, and hip-hop with electric violin, hooky lyrics, rap, and tight harmonies like in Sugar (here), for a sound that will make your jaw drop and your feet move. They've played the Rockwood, Mercury, Summerfest Milwaukee, and opened for PMF alums Ripe at the Capitol Theatre. We're happy to welcome Juice to the Party Stage. SEE MORE JUICE HERE.

7:10 Harsh Armadillo

Harsh Armadillo is 6 guys and a girl out of New Hampshire who don't sleep until you've burnt through your insoles and tried that 5th grade breakdance move. They combine funk and hip-hop roots with the bass, the drums, the horns, and the voices that hit like a vitamin for your soul. Take in their two albums, Blame Bad Habits and Thayer It Is, check out Street Lovin’ (here), and get your groove on as Harsh Armadillo headlines the Party Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

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Stages alternate all day.
When Party & Chill sets end,
Main Stage set begins.

When the Main Stage ends,
We party and chill again.


the Bluechips

Do not miss the opportunity to see The Bluechips open the Main Stage. Guitarist Paul Beladino and drummer Jake Albi have been playing together for over 10 years, including a spot on the 2015 Vans Warped Tour at Jones Beach. Now, with bassist Tom Davis, this power trio wield a sound that’ll get your blood flowing all day. No wonder they won our Battle of the BandsVISIT THE BLUECHIPS PAGE HERE. Look for their 3-song EP soon and see The Bluechips on the Main Stage.

1:35 Lizzie & the Makers

Lizzie & the Makers are staples of the New York City club scene and frequent performers at Garcia's at the Capitol Theater. With influences including the Black Crowes and Bonnie Raitt, Lizzie Edwards and the guys bring powerful blues rock vocals and whiplashingly evocative tunes like Hopeless (here) to every performance. Check out their new album, Fire from the Heart of Man. Make sure to catch them on the Main Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

2:55 Cracker

You might say Cracker is of two minds. The minds of founders David Lowery and Johnny Hickman. The slow brood of Low (here) and the hard drive of Get Off This. But also two sets of California musical influences: Bay area hard-rock and inland country. It’s worked for them for 24 years, with hits like Teen Angst and Euro-Trash Girl. Their recent double album, Berkeley to Bakersfield, explores both sides. Welcome Cracker to the Main Stage and SEE MORE CRACKER HERE.

4:30 Robert Randolph & the Family Band

When you hear Robert Randolph & the Family Band, your feet will not let you sit still. From Going in the Right Direction (here) to his new album, Got Soul, pedal steel master Robert Randolph shows why Rolling Stone named him to the 100 Greatest Guitarists. Welcome them to our Main Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

6:10 The Lone Bellow

How do you define The Lone Bellow? How do you pin down the intensity and urgency, the spot-on harmonies, emotional honesty, and musicianship? Maybe the best answer is not to define the hard-driving Time's Always Leaving (here), the raucous Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold, or the searing Then Came the Morning but to describe how the songs awaken the joy, longing, and spirit within you. Welcome The Lone Bellow to our Main Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

The Psychedelic Furs

When you look up the cannon of new wave rock, the first page you turn to is The Psychedelic Furs. Sprung from the UK post-punk scene, they scored hits starting in the 80's with Love My Way (here), The Ghost in YouHeartbreak Beat, and Pretty in Pink. They released seven studio albums, spawning several compilations, and influencing a new generation of alt rock artists. We're thrilled to have them headlining the Main Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

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chill TENT


David Vogel

It's 12 noon. Time to chill and see Battle of the Bands winner David Vogel. David is a 20 year-old singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music teacher and music producer from Valhalla, New York. David combines his love of indie folk and 80’s pop with a pure voice, impassioned lyrics, and sonorous guitar and keyboards. Look for his EP Until My Lungs Give, watch his video for Be Alright (here), and get here early to see David take the Chill Tent Stage at noon. VISIT DAVID’S PAGE HERE.

1:00 Emily Angell

Emily Angell, from New York's Southern Tier, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, harmonica player, and producer who draws crowds throughout the area. She’s been compared to Alanis Morissette, Jewel, and Christina Aguilera with a sound that sits as comfortably in folk as electro-pop. Her EPs The Upset (2011) and Let Go (2015) have earned her amazing reviews. Check out her 2017 single, I Got This (here), and welcome Emily to the Chill Tent Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

Tim Stout

Combine the voice of John Mayer or Jamie Cullum, the musical skills of Ed Sheeran, and Isley Brothers-inspired sounds, and you get New York's Tim Stout. Raised on funk, R&B, and pop, Stout melds modern pop with a vintage vibe. His sound is driven by impassioned vocals and nuanced guitar compositions with loopers and pedals for a multilayered solo show. Check out Learn You (here) and welcome Tim Stout to our Chill Tent Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

Dan Zlotnick

Dan Zlotnick of Somers, New York, honed his craft by gigging between road games as a professional baseball player. He's played all over the country, including the Paramount, where he opened twice for PMF headliner Marc Cohn. Dan combines thoughtful lyrics about romance and the road with a voice like Ray LaMontagne and songs like She’s A Little Bit (here) that that go from heartfelt to honky-tonk. Come see Dan on our Chill Tent Stage and SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.


Chanelle is an all-female band formed by singer-songwriter and lead vocalist, Christine Chanel. The trio made their debut, Rumortown (here) in 2017 and quickly gained praise for their soulful vocals, jazzy keyboards, and smooth arrangements. Chanelle has played the Bitter End, Casa del Sol in Nyack, and Lucy's Lounge here in Pleasantville. Look for them in a club near you, and welcome them to the Chill Tent Stage. SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE.

7:10 John Hall with Fly Amero

What has John Hall not done? Founding member of Orleanswith hits like Still the Oneand Dance with Me (here). Solo artist. Collaborator with multiple headliners. Environmental activist. Organizer of the No Nukes concerts. U.S. Congressman from New York. John is performing with Fly Amero, who joined Orleans during John's solo and Congress years. We're thrilled to welcome them as the headliners on our Chill Tent Stage. SEE MORE JOHN HALL HERE.