thirteen years OF GREAT MUSIC

Rock, blues, and roots. Singer/songwriters and slide guitarists. Bands that have dominated the airwaves and bands that are just breaking in. All brought to one place by dedicated Pleasantville music fans. That's what you get every year at the Pleasantville Music Festival. 

Lynda Shenkman Curtis © Richard Ahlstrom

Videos by PCTV. For more videos, including full sets of main stage bands, visit our YouTube page. All photos ©Lynda Shenkman Curtis, Oxygen House Photography, Jonathan Cunningham, and Vladimir Kolesnikov. Used by permission. See each photo for proper attribution. 2017 videos acoming soon.

Meet our lead photographer, Lynda Shenkman Curtis

Lynda has been our lead photographer since the beginning, capturing the spirit and energy of musicians and fans alike. As a professional photographer, Lynda brings a journalistic eye, natural style and artistic sensibility to life's milestones. In her off time, you can find her hiking, kayaking, photographing nature, and exploring the world.

2017 photos

Previous Years' Videos


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