Calling all up-and-coming artists.

The Pleasantville Music Festival is New York's Backyard Jam. So we're looking for bands from all over New York's Backyard and beyond. Each year, we reserve a few slots for up-and-coming talent. Bands and soloists. Artists that can help us party, and artists that can help us chill. If you're interested and want your name in consideration, now’s your time to shine your skills, your materials, your bio, and your music samples. So by January, your submission will be all set to press send.

Paulie Beladino of The Bluechips © 2018 Vladimir Kolesnikov

Paulie Beladino of The Bluechips
© 2018 Vladimir Kolesnikov

submission OPENS IN JANUARY.
Here's what you need to HAVE READY:

  1. Links to your music. A website or music or video pages so we can listen to you online. (No files, please.)

  2. A write-up about your band. An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) or bio , including places you've played

  3. A list of where and when you're playing locally in the upcoming months. If we're interested after listening to a band online, we like to watch them in person

  4. Contact information, so we can reach you if we're interested. Of course, if you have all the above information on a band website, that's ideal. Just let us know

Check back on this site in January for official word when submissions are open. Better yet, subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on our socials below.

Now listen up: Submitting is the only way to get a chance to play the Festival. As volunteers, we do not take phone calls or private inquiries. That can actually work against you.

here's What we'll do:

Once you contact us, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your submission. Because we get hundreds of submissions and only have a handful of spots available, we cannot contact everyone personally or entertain "how's it going" inquiries. The review process takes months, so we will be busy. If we are interested, we will contact you and talk about where you might fit into our line-up. And look, if you don’t get in, there could be a million reasons why not. Don’t take it personally. We love supporting new music. We’re huge fans of local, up-and-coming artists. You can always try next year.

Get ready. get set. it’s almost go time.