When is the Pleasantville Music Festival?

Saturday, July 13, 2019. Gates open at 11am. Music starts at 12noon and goes until about 9pm.

Where is the Pleasantville Music Festival?

Parkway Field, 48 Marble Ave in Pleasantville, New York. The entrance is on the corner of Marble and Hopper Street. We're in the center of Westchester County, near the Saw Mill and Taconic Parkways.

Well, how do I get here?

All roads lead to Pleasantville. You can:

  • Drive to nearby Pace University for free parking and all-day shuttle
  • Take the Metro-North Harlem Line to Pleasantville, and walk south about 5 minutes. Sorry, the Village shuttle is not operating from the train station this year, but it is a very short walk
  • Take the #6, 15, or 19 Bee Line Bus right to Marble Ave, and you're almost there

See our Directions page for more details.

Can I park at Parkway Field?

Sorry, there's no parking available at the field. But don't worry. The Pace shuttle is fast and easy.

What about my bike?

You can ride it here! We will have a bike rack, available first-come, first-served, thanks to our friends at Ride of Pleasantville. You could also chain it to the outside fence. Note, of course, that we can't be responsible for lost or stolen items. There's also a really nice roofed bike rack at the train station a few blocks north. Sorry, we can't have bikes on the field.

Is the show open to all ages?

Yes, all ages are welcome. In fact, children under 12 are free. There are activities for the kids and ways of cooling off. There is a beer and wine garden, and that's 21 and older.

Is the Festival ADA accessible?

Yes. Come one, come all!

What should I bring?

These can make your day more comfortable:

  • Blankets—maybe something with a waterproof barrier in case the grass is wet
  • Low-back folding chairs
  • Water in Earth-friendly bottles—free water is available throughout the grounds to refill your bottle
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, bug repellent
  • Check the weather report on July 12 for any further recommendations

You mentioned "low-back" folding chairs?

Yes. Please be considerate of your fellow festivalgoers, and bring lawn chairs that don't look like a throne from Game of Thrones or have a roof like the Flintstones car. People can't see past you. Don't be "that guy." Or if you have to be that guy, be kind and sit in the back.

What about beach umbrellas?

Beach umbrellas are great for blocking the sun, the occasional raindrop, and everyone behind you. If you bring a beach umbrella or one of those low-rise or half-moon tents that you can sit under, you'll be asked to set up in the back field, behind the Vendor Village, but not in the Tent City area. This is different from previous years: Because we have a giant shade tent in the back of the main field, individual umbrellas are not necessary. Get here early, and grab a spot under the big tent.

If you must bring an umbrella or half moon, remember this rule of thumb: If you can fit under it by sitting, then you can set it up in the back field. If you can stand in it (or under it), then that's considered a Tent City-type tent, and that's only allowed in Tent City for existing Tent City ticketholders. Giant deck umbrellas are not allowed.

Please note that anything you bring needs to be weighed down so that it doesn't blow away. If you set up an umbrella anywhere outside the designated area, you will be asked to take it down.

What do I do in case of rain?

Rain can sometimes happen at outdoor music festivals. Bring a personal-size umbrella, a rain poncho, and a tarp to keep your gear dry. Also, we have that giant tent in the back of the main field, so make yourself cozy.

What about severe weather?

In the event of severe weather, a festival alert will be issued. Patrons and staff may be directed to evacuate the site, and we'll make very clear announcements how to do that. If the weather risk is expected to be short, we may suspend performances temporarily until the weather passes. We regret there can be no refunds, even in the event of inclement weather. We will do our best to continue the show! See our Weather page for more details.

What's your environmental policy?

So glad you asked. We actually have a Zero-waste Initiative. We're asking all of our food vendors to use compostable serveware, and we're asking all our guests to use reusable drink bottles instead of tons of plastic. Our staff will be at various recycling stations around the grounds to help you separate your refuse into recyclable, compostable, and other trash.

And definitely bring an Earth-friendly water bottle. We have free refilling stations throughout the grounds.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, but you might not want it once you see our food offerings. Lots of vendors with all kinds of food and soft drinks.

What else is there to buy?

Our Vendor Village is going to be a great destination, with crafts, clothes, and other cool merchandise. Plus, bands will be selling CDs, merch, and T-shirts, and we'll have Pleasantville Music Festival T-shirts for sale, too.

Will there be an ATM on Festival grounds?

We're sorry, no. Please come armed with cash. Some vendors might be able to take credit cards, but be prepared. There is an ATM at the service station up the block, if you want. There might be fees involved.

Can I leave the Festival and come back?

Why yes you can. When you enter the Festival, you'll be fitted with a wristband. Your wristband proves you've already paid, so you're free to come and go. Just don't take it off until you're done for the day, and you'll be good.

Can I bring alcohol into the Festival?

No. We will be checking bags and coolers at the gate and taking your booze, so don't bring it. Beer and wine are available in the Captain Lawrence Beer & Wine Garden for people 21 and older. Alcohol has to stay inside the Beer & Wine Garden. But hey, there will also be food in the Beer & Wine Garden, so you can eat and drink in the same place. Sweet!

How come I can't have alcohol outside the Beer & Wine Garden?

It's a question we get asked a lot, and we hear you.

Here's the thing: As a Village-run event, we're pretty keyed-in to making it family-friendly, which means that there are tons of minors present. It's up to us to make sure that drinking is an adults-only thing, so we need to control access. We just can't do that with an all-access policy.

Also, not that anyone we know loses their ability to—you know—stand up straight when they've had a few. But just in case, with so many kids underfoot, we want to make sure they don't end up literally under foot.

We're always looking at the layout of the Festival and trying to make sightlines as good as possible for all who prefer to listen with cup in hand and all who don't.

How about cigarettes?

While this is an outdoor event, it's still a crowded, public place. Please keep light-up tobacco at home. Also, please be mindful of your fellow festival goers and don't "vape."

Gosh, what else should I not bring?

  • Drugs you wouldn't want to get caught with
  • Firearms or other weapons
  • Fireworks of any kind
  • Selfie sticks (seriously, they're annoying and not safe around thousands of people)
  • Absolutely no drones. Too many people around

What about my dog?

No dogs are allowed except for documented service animals.

What are the rules with tents this year?

Over the years, Tent City has become a big thing. It becomes a block party of sorts, and that's really cool. There are some rules you should know, though, so everybody knows what to expect:

  • Tent City is organized with reserved tent spaces. Tent spaces went on sale earlier in the year and are now sold out.
  • A Tent City ticket guarantees you a space, but it does not pay for a tent. You must bring your own tent.
  • All tents must be 10x10 or smaller. That's how we're drawing the plots.
  • With your purchase, your space is reserved, so no one else can take that spot.
  • It's been the practice of many Tent City dwellers to put up a sheet or baffle behind their tents to block the setting sun. These sheets block everyone else's view of the stage as well as parents' view of the kids' play area behind the tents. If you have a sheet or tent backer up, you will be asked to remove it. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Because of the sprinkler system on Parkway Field, spikes are not permitted. We do require that you weigh down your tent legs with a weighting system. There are water weighting systems available at sporting goods stores, and if you bring them, the Village will happily help you fill them.
  • For public safety reasons, we can not allow tents without proper weighting systems. See your Tent City agreement for details.

What if I don't have a Tent City ticket but I have a tent?



Yes, really. But hey, there's plenty of room on the field for stretching out your blanket and low-back lawn chairs. Bring lots of friends and enjoy. Plus there's that giant tent in the back of the main field. That's first-come, first-serve and free with admission. Come early and get your spot. There's also the Chill Tent.

What's the bathroom situation at the Festival?

We have a whole bunch of port-a-potties in the backfield and a wheelchair-accessible one near Tent City.